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Collins Farms
Collins Pulse, Monthly News Magazine

Numeric & A-Z Index of every* Collins Pulse Issue.
*That we have so far…
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— Numeric —
6 Oct71 $13.1 Million Order For AN/TSC-60V Systems Received - HF Comm No
1 Jan73 $15.5 Million HF Systems Contract Awarded by Royal Netherlands Army - For 718-2A No
6 Jul68 $2 Million Contract Awarded - AN/GRC-153 From Tinder AF Base No
2 Sep67 $2 Million Contract Received For AN/ARN -83 ADF System - U.S. Army No
8 Jan73 $2,5 Million Award Covers Flight Director Equipment - U.S. Air Force No
6 Jun69 $632,786 Saved Through MIP Efforts Yes
7 Dec68 $7 Million Contract Awarded for Data Radio Communication Systems - AN/TYA-17 No
10 Aug73 $7.5 Million Award Received for Navy Airborne Systems No
12 Aug73 100 Dealers met in Cedar Rapids - To Review Sales Programs Yes
17 Nov73 100th Computer Delivered - C-8564B-2 Yes
4 Sep72 1934 and 1972 - Collins Airborne Equipment Aboard Goodyear Airship of Both Periods Yes
3 Dec68 1968 Stockholders Meeting - In Cedar Rapids Yes
9 Sep72 1972 Composant Electroniques - Show in Paris Yes
5 Apr74 1973-74 CRTA Officers Named - Gary Foote President No
5 May75 1975 Collins Major Open Schedule No
4 May75 1975 Collins Women's Metro Schedule No
9 Jan75 1975 United Fund Totals $249,000 No
4 Jul69 2 Collins Pilots Help Direct California Pilot To Safety After He Becomes Lost Above Overcast Yes
6 Jul68 2 Engineers Invited to Present Technical Papers at Meetings In Japan, Scotland in August No
7 Jun69 20 to 30 Percent Earnings Increase Forecasted for Fiscal Year 1970 No
4 Apr66 30 Enroll in New Draftsman Training Program st Dallas No
2 Feb69 41 Airlines Now Using AL-101 Radio Altimeter Systems No
20 Jul71 500th Production Unit - AN/PRC-66B Yes
10 Nov71 6 Distributors Now in Collins DSC Program - Distributor Service Center Yes
6 Mar71 718U HF Communication Systems - Fit Wide Range of Applications Yes
8 Nov74 73 Charlie Romeo Shows Tops in Bus Av Line - Beechcraft Duke Yes
1 Sep64 80% of Apollo S-Band Subcontracts Awarded No
12 Apr71 821A-2, 250-KW HF Transmitters for Canadian Broadcasting Company Yes
— A —
8 Jun69 A Company is People - Frances Baker & Helen Campau Yes
8 Jul69 A Company is people - Melba Stroup & Earl Hawkins Yes
7 Aug68 A Farewell To Minnie - Millie Shunk Retires After 32 Years Yes
4 Apr68 A Round Square - Building 108 Manufacturing Through a Fish-Eye Yes
6 Dec74 A Sense of Responsibility Yes
5 Nov74 A Special Thanks to: - All Employees From Clare I. Rice after Building Fire No
9 Nov74 A Thank You - From Tornado Victims Glenn & Virginia Flannagan No
4 Jan68 Accepts Industry Award - By U.S. State Department Yes
3 Jan75 Accountants To Offer Free Tax Advisory Service No
17 Aug73 Achievement Recognized - By Grumman Aerospace Corporation Yes
2 Oct74 Action Line - Monthly Feature To Answer Employee Questions No
2 Nov74 Action Line - Monthly Feature To Answer Employee Questions No
2 Dec74 Action Line - Monthly Feature To Answer Employee Questions No
2 Jan75 Action Line - Monthly Feature To Answer Employee Questions No
3 Mar75 Action Line - Monthly Feature To Answer Employee Questions No
2 Apr75 Action Line - Monthly Feature To Answer Employee Questions No
2 May75 Action Line - Monthly Feature To Answer Employee Questions No
8 Apr74 Additional Entrances Open in Building 105, 108, 112 Yes
1 Nov73 Address of R.C. Wilson, President And Chief Executive Officer, Collins Radio Company, At The Special Shareholders Meeting Yes
1 Nov73 Address OF W.F. Rockwell, Jr., Chairman Of The Board, Collins Radio Company, At The Special Shareholders Meeting Yes
17 Jul71 Addresses' Petroleum Group - B. C. Carroll No
3 Apr74 Advanced Program Developed To Help Persons With Alcohol, Drug Problems No
3 Jul68 Advanced Touch Tuning Control System To Be Installed On Corsairs - AN/ARC-51 Yes
8 Apr75 Adventureland, Disney World, Six Flags Offer Employee Discounts to Collins No
3 Oct67 AF/A224J-1 Equipment is Supplied to Air Force No
11 Jul71 AFCEA Exhibit - In Washington D.C. Yes
4 Jan68 AFCEA Speaker - AT Scott AFB-St.Louis Yes
11 Jan75 Affirmative Action Plan - Chapter Five No
11 Dec74 Affirmative Action Plan - Chapter Four - Internal Audit And Reporting Systems No
11 Nov74 Affirmative Action Plan - Chapter Three - Action Programs No
7 Oct74 Affirmative Action Plan - Chapter Two - Policy Administration No
9 Nov71 AFS-81 - Atomic Frequency Standard for Operation in Severe Environments Yes
14 Oct71 Agreement Consummated for North American Rockwell Investment in Collins; New Board is Designated Yes
6 Feb69 Ah, Yes, There's Good Reason To Drool Over This Comm System - NAVLEXSEDIV Yes
2 Aug67 Air Force Orders ADF Systems No
2 Jul69 Air Force Personnel Will Receive Training Needed To Maintain 135 Systems Yes
6 Aug68 Air force To Begin Using C-9A Aeromed Airlift Transport - With Collins Equipment No
2 Jul69 Air Force -135 Fleet Is Being Modernized With All-Weather Flight Control System Yes
3 Jul67 Air Show Visitor - AN/PRC-66 Yes
5 Jun75 Air Transport Yes
4 Dec67 Aircraft Modification - Helicopter Modifications Yes
5 Oct67 Airline Development Is Factor In International Sales Growth Yes
8 Sep72 Airline Visitors - Eastern & TWA Yes
9 Aug73 Airlines, AMTRAK Select Collins Data Communication Systems - TE-236 & RTS-100 No
9 Sep72 Alitalia Group Tours Collins Facilities - Discuss DC-10 Equipment Yes
14 Sep72 All That Glitters is Gold to Collins Lab Employees - Salvaging Gold in Dallas Yes
12 Feb72 ALT-50 being reviewed Yes
2 Feb69 Amateur Operators Survey Form No
5 Sep68 Amateur Radio Equipment To Be Used in Unusual Educational Experiment No
7 Feb72 Ambassador Visits Collins Exhibit - Netherlands' J. W. Middendorf Yes
8 May75 America Counts on Collins, Collins Counts on America - U.S. Bond Advertisement Yes
2 May72 American Engineers Urged To Become Involved In Struggle Against Foreign Competitors - By Wilson No
7 Nov73 American Satellite Corporation Places Order For Collins Microwave No
11 Sep72 AN/ARC-109 Tranceiver Production Award Made - $1,112,400 From U.S. Air Force No
10 Jul71 AN/PRC-66B - Compact UHF Pack-Set - 3500 Channel Yes
2 Sep64 AN/TRC-90 Loading - Sent to U.S. Army No
16 Sep72 AN/TSC-60 - HF Communication Units Assembled in Newport Beach, Cedar Rapids Yes
11 Nov73 AN/USC-30 Data - Collins delivers The Last Unit Yes
2 Jun69 And Still Room For One More - 718U-2 to Quantico Yes
5 Mar75 Announcing - Now There's A Collins Package For Every Aircraft, Including Yours Yes
7 Mar75 Announcing Collins Micro Line: Yes
16 Oct71 Annual Meeting of Collins Stockholders Scheduled on Cedar Rapids November 23 No
7 Dec67 Antenna For Huey - 437S-1 Yes
7 Jul71 Antenna Installation in Everglades Yes
5 Feb72 Antenna Testing - Special Mission of 'Collins Air Force' Yes
3 May67 Antennas Developed for New High-Performance Huey Cobra Yes
2 Jun69 Apollo 11 Flight Plan No
3 Jul69 Apollo 11 Mission Looms as Climatic Event in Program Yes
3 Dec67 Apollo 4 Triumph Brings U.S. Step Closer to Moon No
3 Jul69 Apollo Assembly and Test Yes
7 Jan73 Apollo Communications - Collins Systems Provide Vital Radio Contact Yes
3 Aug67 Apollo S-Band Stations Getting Early Test No
3 Jul69 Apollo System Engineers Yes
14 Nov71 Appointments, Promotions in Management Team Announced - Beall, Mullaley, Cattoi, Batson, Mosier, & Churchill Yes
8 Dec71 Argentine Navy Aircraft Being Equipped by Collins Yes
13 Jan73 Army AN/TRC-90 Shelter Program Work Completed Yes
6 Sep72 Army Awards $2 Million Contract for Receivers - AN/ARN-82 No
4 Aug67 Army Contract Received For Tropospheric Communication Systems No
2 Jul67 Army Modernizing Its Communication Systems in Asia No
13 Aug73 Around The World With Collins Yes
4 May67 Arriving For Visit - Lockheed Aircraft Company Yes
2 Jul64 ARRL President is Collins Visitor Yes
8 Sep67 Artists Receive Honorable Mention - Dick Loveless & P.A. Burrows No
19 Aug73 Assistant Corporate Secretaries Named - Glenna Skiles, Delila Cuddy Yes
8 Jan73 Associated Press Selects Collins TE-1200 Modems No
3 Jul64 Astronauts Visit Cedar Rapids Division - Edward White Yes
4 Aug68 At Newport Beach - TIC Yes
17 Jul71 Attend Explorer Congress - James Dabney of Post 340 No
2 May75 ATX-101 Shown in France Yes
2 Aug67 Audio Visual Aids Equipment To Be Used In Presentations to Employees, Customers Yes
5 Jul69 Autopilot Control Unit Chosen for Design Award - To Don Korell at 1969 WESCON For 614E-4 Yes
2 Mar71 Autotests Results - Printout of test results Yes
6 Sep67 Aviatrix Of The Year - Mrs. Ann Pellegreno Yes
2 Jan73 AWACS Contracts Awarded to Collins Yes
— B —
6 Feb72 Balpa Meeting Event - Duke of Hamilton Yes
1 Jul64 Bank Credit Negotiated No
11 Jan73 Bartee, Moseley Qualify for Dallas MIP Century Club - Matt Bartee & Virgil Moseley Yes
12 Dec74 Be Ready When They Are - With U.S. Savings Bonds Yes
3 Feb69 Be Sure To File Your Tax Return With Regional IRS Service Center in Your Area No
3 Jun75 Bike Paths? Yes
2 Sep67 Boeing Awards $1.7 Million Contract For Antennas to be Used on Missiles - Minuteman No
2 May67 Boeing Awards $7 Million Contract For Airborne Electronic Equipment No
11 Aug73 Bragg Named to Planning Post - George L. Bragg Yes
15 May72 Brauer Heads CRTA for 1972-73 Year No
4 Aug67 Briefing - Visiting Army Officers Yes
6 Jul67 Briefing For Argentina Space Official - Teofilo Tabanere Yes
3 Apr66 Broadcasters See, Kear How Collins Equipment works No
7 Aug68 Bronze Star Medal Awarded to Two Collins Employees - Richard L. Joined & Virgil L. Brownfield Yes
13 Dec71 Bury Named Chairman OF Air Industries Association of Canada - George J. Yes
5 Jan73 Bury, Hall Named Collins Canada Vice Presidents - G.J. Bury & T.M. Hall Yes
16 May72 Business Park Planned on Richardson Land Sold by Collins Yes
— C —
2 Oct67 Cabling Simplified By New Method Of Handling Wires Yes
2 May75 Calculator Sales Reach $153,000 - Over 5,000 Sold No
2 Jul67 California Trip - For Outstanding MIP performance Yes
7 Jul67 Camera Club Selects Winners of Contest No
2 Dec68 Campobassa Named to Advisory Committee on Telecommunications - EIA No
19 Jul71 Camp-Out - 80 Members of Newport Beach Camping Club Yes
4 Mar71 Canada To Supply Korean Microwave System Yes
2 Sep64 Canadian Visitor - Tour of Dallas Plant Yes
9 Dec71 Capabilities in UHF SATCOM - Wide Range of Earth Terminals Yes
2 Dec74 Car Dead? Get a Start With Your Credit Union - Guard Has Jumper Cables No
6 Apr74 Car Pooling Saves Money and Gasoline Yes
8 Sep72 Carolina Telephone Places Orders for Collins Microwave No
7 Oct67 Category II Certificatiob To Be Sought For LetStar Equipped With Collins Systems No
6 Aug67 Category II Certification Explained at Seminars For Corporate Pilots No
18 Mar71 Cedar Rapids Accident Rate at Low Point for Recent Years - 2.8 for 1970 No
14 May72 Cedar Rapids Airport Improvement Program Important to Collins No
4 Apr66 Cedar Rapids Building addition - To The North End Of the Manufacturing Building Yes
3 Dec67 Cedar Rapids Christmas Party To Be Held Saturday No
24 Aug73 Cedar Rapids Employees Hear Progress Reports - By C.I. Rice Yes
18 Jul71 Cedar Rapids Fire Department Provides Training for Company Fire Brigade Yes
4 Aug68 Cedar Rapids Library Yes
17 Mar71 Cedar Rapids Receives Savings Bond Flag No
7 Apr68 Cedar Rapids Switchboard Yes
12 Jan75 Cedar Rapids to Offer NEAS Test to High School Students No
16 Dec71 Ceremony Held for Crew Chief as Air Force One Receives New Equipment Yes
3 Oct74 Certified Professional Secretary - The Secretary's CPA Yes
6 Aug67 Change in Modulator Design For TACAN Saves $60,000 Yes
11 May75 Chess Anyone - Collins Chess Club Yes
6 Dec67 Christmas Dance Planned No
3 Dec74 Circuit Switching System's Market Successful ACD Yes
2 Dec74 Clare Rice Delivers Employee Address - For FY 1974 Yes
6 Oct74 CMC Elects New Officers - Collins Management Club Elects Jack Gosgrove President No
9 Sep72 CNI System Being Produced Under $10,960,931 Award No
5 May72 Coast Guard Awards Contract for 651S-1 - $2.7 Million No
9 Apr71 Coast Guard HF Installation - Will Serve Pacific Area Yes
9 Feb72 Collective Success From Individual Effort - By Robert C. Wilson Yes
17 Nov73 College Officials Visit Cedar Rapids Yes
5 Apr71 Collins Acquires Five MOS/LSI Devices For Product Line No
15 Jul71 Collins AIL Planning Joint Effort on Proposed Microwave Landing System No
16 Aug73 Collins Among Companies in Soviet Exhibit - In Moscow No
3 Mar71 Collins ATE at United Air Lines Yes
8 Aug68 Collins Avoidance Systems To Be Given Flight Tests No
10 Nov71 Collins Begins Deliveries of AN/FRC-93 Radio Sets - Military Version of KWM-2A No
3 Jan73 Collins Begins Manufacture of Microwave Equipment for MCI Yes
2 Nov74 Collins Benefits From Patent Award System - Money Paid For Inventions No
14 Jul71 Collins Broadcast Equipment Serves Mexican Stations Yes
4 Jan75 Collins Canada - Collins Canada's Successful Women Yes
2 Sep64 Collins Canada Delivers First 618T Transceivers Yes
5 Nov74 Collins Canada Participates in Voters' Registration Drive Yes
10 Nov74 Collins Canada Receives Air Canada Contract Yes
11 Sep72 Collins Canada Receives Order for Single Sideband Marine Equipment - $1.8 Million No
4 Nov71 Collins Capabilities in Earth Station for Space Communication - Experience, new techniques Used Yes
11 Feb72 Collins Chairman Tours Newport Beach Facility - W.F. Rockwell Yes
2 Apr74 Collins Cited For Participation In WIN Program Yes
4 Apr66 Collins Cites Six Distributors for Exceptional Sales No
16 Nov71 Collins Company Pilots Earn Flying Safety Awards - From NBAA Yes
8 Nov73 Collins Completes Construction On Spanish Antenna - Near Madrid, Spain Yes
13 Aug73 Collins Completes First Terminal Installations, Provides Training for Personnel on Brazilian Microwave Contract Yes
3 Sep64 Collins Conducts Maintainability Study for Navy Yes
6 Aug73 Collins Constructs Mount For Giant Solar Telescope Yes
4 Mar71 Collins C-System Will Serve American Airlines Facilities No
12 Feb72 Collins Dallas Group Receives Cogswell Award - Security Award Yes
17 Jul71 Collins Day At Six Flags Over Texas Yes
2 Mar75 Collins Delivers First Airborne Terminal for AFSATCOM Yes
4 Aug73 Collins Demonstrates UHF Capabilities - GRC-171 SatCom Terminals Yes
7 May72 Collins Developing 2 Avionics System for B-1 - Flight Director Computer and Crash Data No
16 Jan73 Collins Drivers Enter Smoke Filled House, Put Out Fire in mattress - Ernie Singer & Bob Hulshizer Yes
8 Apr75 Collins Employee Answers Mayday Call, Saves Lives Yes
5 Jul69 Collins Employees Active in Program to Reduce Dropout Rate - Kids in Dallas Yes
2 Oct74 Collins Employees Complete MS Through Continuing Education No
8 May75 Collins Employees Receive U.S. Citizenship - Ricardo Velasco & Alicia B. Fox Yes
3 Aug73 Collins Fabricating Circuit Cards for Gould Incorporated No
3 Aug67 Collins Gulfstream Certified For Category II Landings - Using Collins Equipment No
2 Mar75 Collins Gun Club to Open Season March 22 No
9 Nov73 Collins Hams Take Part In Dedication Activities Of New Dallas-Fort Worth Airport No
7 Jun69 Collins Has Approximately 1,000 Unexpired U.S. Patents Yes
11 Nov71 Collins HF Antennas Serve Italian Communication Facility Yes
18 Aug73 Collins Holds Open House in Cedar Rapids - Pictures Yes
3 Jun69 Collins Horizon Director Indicators To Be Standard Equipment on L-1011s No
16 Jul71 Collins INS Selected by Continental Air Lines - INS-61B for DC-10 No
3 Nov71 Collins Installation at American Airlines Data Center - Undergoing Test Yes
5 Dec71 Collins Installation To Serve Holloman AFB Test Facility - MX-22D Yes
6 May72 Collins Installing Brazil Microwave System Yes
7 Oct71 Collins Installs Indonesian Communications Network Yes
7 Nov73 Collins Introduces NCS-31 Navigation and Control System Yes
7 Jan68 Collins Is Host for Two-Day Visit by Iowa State Engineering Faculty Group Yes
15 Jan73 Collins Makes Gift of Land To Boy Scaputs - By Bldg 120 on CR Yes
2 Sep64 Collins Measurement Program Observed By G.S.A. Officials - Manpower Utilization Yes
4 Oct71 Collins Microwave - Total Capability Yes
6 Jan73 Collins Microwave System Transmits Data in DC-10 Fight Test Program Yes
2 Oct71 Collins Microwave Systems Serve Worldwide No
4 May72 Collins Modems Help Data Reduce Costs, Improve Reliability of Reservation System No
13 Mar71 Collins Names New Distributors No
14 Nov73 Collins On-Target With First Delivery OF SHF Satcomm Terminal To Navy Yes
10 Sep72 Collins Participates in Program on Requirements For V/STO: Aircraft All-Weather Operations No
14 Mar75 Collins Participates With Area High Schools Yes
3 Jun69 Collins Plays Major Role in Updating Communication Systems Aboard ARIA No
6 Nov73 Collins Presented In Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Airport Yes
2 Aug73 Collins Provides Two-Segment Approach Avionics - Procedure To Reduce Landing Noise Tested Yes
6 Nov73 Collins Radio Scores With $6 Million Net For Fourth Quarter - $12.8 Million For Year Yes
10 Mar75 Collins Receives $10.5 Million Valentine - ICCS for Air Traffic Control Facilities No
11 Aug73 Collins Receives Hydrofoil Ships System Award - U.S. Navy No
16 Jul71 Collins Receives Navy TACAMO Systems Award - $5 Million No
2 Dec67 Collins Reports Sales of $112 Million During First Quarter of Fiscal Year Yes
8 Apr75 Collins Salutes its Secretaries APR 20-26: Special Reception held Yes
7 May72 Collins Selected For Role in New Naval Program No
1 Apr66 Collins Selected To Provide Equipment for MOL Program No
5 May75 Collins Softball Team Top Contender fro Major Open Title - Men's Team No
3 Nov74 Collins Sponsors Explorer Post - Post 11 No
8 Dec74 Collins Successful Women Yes
10 Aug73 Collins System Ordered by Pan American - Airline Communications System No
3 Sep68 Collins System To Play Major Role in Manned Apollo Flight Yes
8 Feb72 Collins Systems To Be Installed Aboard German Navy Boats No
12 Sep72 Collins Systems To Be Used in New England Telephone Exchange No
11 Jul71 Collins Systems To Provide Apollo Communication - Apollo 15 No
3 Jun75 Collins Takes Second in Bomber Classic - Men's Softball No
3 Apr66 Collins TE-216 Modems Demonstrated in Europe Yes
3 Sep64 Collins Telecommunication System Used Worldwide Yes
9 Aug73 Collins To Acquire Certain Assets of Electro/Data Special Products Division No
4 Sep64 Collins To Aid in Airborne Communication Study Yes
2 Jan68 Collins To Build Eight Additional Apollo Systems Yes
15 Aug73 Collins to Participate in Brazilian Air Show No
5 Jan73 Collins To Produce MOS Devices, Assemble Calculators for Commodore Business Machines No
1 Jul64 Collins To Provide Apollo Tracking Network Yes
13 Oct71 Collins To Receive Cogswell Award - For Carrying Out Security Obligations No
3 Mar75 Collins Travelers: Be Aware of Security Regulations No
13 Nov73 Collins Wins $10 Million Contract From Imperial Iranian Navy - For Comm Link No
5 May75 Collins Women Place in Bowling League Yes
10 Aug73 Collins Working on Underground Mine Communications Systems No
11 May72 Collins, NR Communication Networks To Be Integrated No
2 Aug68 Collins/Lear Siegler To Team To Build Avionics Flight Control System for L-1011 No
3 Dec67 Communicate Messages - Mr. & Mrs. Earl Pendleton, Blind Amateurs Yes
8 Dec68 Communication Explorers - Newport Beach Yes
2 Dec68 Communication System Forced Underground at Khe Sanh - AN/TRC-129A in Vietnam Yes
5 Aug67 Communication System Installed In record Time - 36 Com Stations for U.S. Navy Yes
4 Sep64 Communication Systems Topics To Be Featured at I.E.E.E. Conference - in CR No
6 May67 Communication Vehicles Aid Flood Area - McGregor, Iowa No
6 Sep72 Communications-Oriented Computer System Will Be Used by American Stock Exchange No
7 Apr74 Commuter Bus Service for Collins Employees Living in Anamosa, Monticello Areas May Begin Soon No
4 Jul64 Company Has About 700 Amateur Radio Operators No
20 Nov73 Company Participation in Work Incentive Program To Hire Persons Now on Welfare - WIN Program Yes
2 Sep64 Company Personnel Participate in A.R.R.L Anniversary Meeting - 50th Anniversary No
4 Jan68 Complete Course - Mechanical Filter Assembly Techniques Yes
6 Sep72 Compobassa Receives AFCEA Award Yes
6 Dec68 Computer Systems Seminar Held For Group of Engineering Students - At Newport Beach No
7 May67 Computer Techniques Being Used to Analyze VHF Air-Ground Communication Via Satellite Yes
8 Jun75 Confessions of a Spendthrift: How I was Rescued By US Savings Bonds - Plan A Fortune for Your Future Yes
5 Aug68 Congressman visits Washington Office - Graham Purcell Yes
6 Dec68 Conrad Flying Around-the World Over Both Poles - Max Conrad Yes
4 Jan73 Construction Completed on Australian Antenna Yes
7 Feb69 Contest Winners - Collins Safety Contest Yes
4 Jan68 Contest Winners - Estimate the Value of a Jar of Parts Yes
2 Feb69 Contract Awarded - $1,036,857 By Naval Ordinance Laboratory for SECT Program No
7 Aug68 Contract Awarded For Field Engineers Technical Support No
11 Mar71 Contract Received for Air Force Installation - $1.3 Million for Voice/data System No
3 May72 Contract Received for Systems On New Presidential Aircraft - $2 Million No
2 Sep64 Contract Received From U.S. Army For Radio Sets - AN/MRC-95 No
7 May72 Contracts Received for MOS Design, Production - From Sandia Corporation No
3 Aug67 Contributing To Cancer Society Yes
4 Feb72 Control Extends Operational Flexibility of 718U-2A System - Comm System Yes
5 Feb69 Control Station - For Routing Parts on Conveyors Yes
5 Jun69 Conventional Smile - Bob Carrol discusses TE-216 Data Set Yes
2 Jul64 Corrosion Control Course Conducted For CR Group No
7 Oct67 Cost Cutters - IE's Save $344,431 Yes
2 Jul67 Cost Reduction Review - By NASA Yes
3 Jul69 Cost Savers - Congratulations to Newport Beach Employees Yes
15 Dec71 Coswell security Award Presented to Collins - by DCAS Yes
1 Mar71 Cover - Collins ATE At United Air Lines San Francisco Yes
1 Sep68 Cover - 35 Years of Progress, View of Buildings Yes
1 Oct67 Cover - 618M-2B/D VHF Transceaiver Being Assembled Yes
1 Jun75 Cover - Air Transport Yes
1 Jul68 Cover - AN/GRC-153 Final Stage of Assembly Yes
1 Feb72 Cover - ANS-70 Cuts Workload of Flight Crew Yes
1 Jul69 Cover - Assembly Operators of the Month; Pat Young, Diane Purdy, & Carol wermerskirchen Yes
1 May72 Cover - Burlington Northern Awards Contract to Collins for 1,800-Mile Microwave System Yes
1 Apr71 Cover - C0System Installation for Government of Mexico in Mexico City Yes
1 Jul67 Cover - Carolyn Hodge & Jim Lambert Working On A830-2 FM Exciter Yes
1 Jan68 Cover - Collins Antenna Research Laboratory In Dallas Yes
1 Nov71 Cover - Collins Data System Installation for American Airlines Yes
1 May67 Cover - Collins Equipment in Collins Corporate Gulfstream Yes
1 Sep72 Cover - Collins Expands Service Operations No
1 Sep67 Cover - Collins Microwave System at Telephone Company Yes
1 Jul71 Cover - Collins New Low-Profile Systems for Business Aviation Yes
1 Apr74 Cover - Collins Notes Savings in Use of Electricity, Fuel No
1 Nov73 Cover - Collins Shareholders Approve Merger Into Rockwell International Corp. No
1 Jan75 Cover - Employment And Security Yes
1 Nov74 Cover - Fabrication Fabrication Fabrication - Building 105 Yes
1 Apr75 Cover - Flight Operations Yes
1 Apr68 Cover - Frost/Melt Test On AN/PRC-41 Yes
1 Dec67 Cover - Helicopter Loaded on Lockheed Starlifter at Addison Yes
1 Dec71 Cover - Holiday Reflection Yes
1 Oct74 Cover - Industrial Products Engineering Yes
1 May75 Cover - Just A Small way of Saying That Without Our Employees, We Are But a Collection of Buildings, Idle Equipment, Empty Hallways… Yes
1 Aug68 Cover - Lockheed L-1011 Yes
1 Aug67 Cover - Microelectronic Circuits Manifactured In Cedar Rapids Yes
1 Oct71 Cover - Microwave Transmission Systems Yes
1 Aug73 Cover - New DME, Autopilots Added to Avionics Line, AP-107 & DME-40 Yes
1 Dec68 Cover - Northern Paciic Microwave Repeater Station Yes
1 Jan73 Cover - Profit Restored in 1st Quarter No
1 Dec74 Cover - Service at Cedar Rapids Service Center Yes
1 Mar75 Cover - Special Feature, Micro line Yes
1 Jun69 Cover - TACSATCOM Yes
1 Feb69 Cover - TACSATCOM on C135B & C-130 Yes
4 Jul64 CR Safety Training Now Included Treatment For Heart Stoppage No
7 Dec68 Credit Union to Meet Feb 8 - In Cedar Rapids No
6 Oct74 CRS Office New in Wichita No
15 Sep72 CRTA Lines Up 1972-73 Events No
9 Feb72 CRTA meeting Postponed - Speaker Alex Karras No
13 Dec71 CRTA Membership Now Open to All Employees No
7 Sep67 CRTA Program Features Top Names In Entertainment Yes
17 Nov73 CRTA Will Feature Dick Gregory No
3 Apr71 C-System for Vehicle Control, Registration in Mexico Yes
2 Sep72 C-System Performs Key Role in State of Iowa TRACIS Program Yes
9 May72 Culver Views Collins Equipment on Formosa - Senator John C. Yes
12 Dec74 CVARC Open to Collins Hams No
3 Mar75 CVARC to Publish Ham Directory No
— D —
3 Dec67 Dallas Children's Christmas Party Scheduled for Sunday No
2 Apr66 Dallas Departments Submit Ideas for Savings Yes
2 Jul64 Dallas IEEE Speaker - Maj. John B. Bestic Yes
15 Nov71 Dallas MIP Projects Result in Savings of More Than $4 Million Yes
4 Jun69 Dallas Pivot Club Trip Winners Yes
6 Dec68 Dallas Supervisors Tour Ceramics Manufacturing Facilities Coors No
3 Sep64 Dallas Trio Undergoes B.S.A. - Sponsored Field Training Program Yes
8 Sep67 Dallas Wives Club Seeks New Members No
3 Apr66 Dallas Women's Group Honors Mrs. Bonnie May and Collins Yes
9 Jun75 Dave Gilbert Receives Handicap Award Yes
9 Sep72 Deliveries Begin On German Navy Boat System No
23 Aug73 Delivery Ceremony - For Beechcraft Duke Yes
7 May75 Delivery Completed on First GRC-171's Yes
9 May72 Delivery Deadline Met - To Grumman for UHF Comm Yes
13 Mar71 Delta Reservations System Will Use Collins Equipment - TMX-202 Modem No
3 Jun69 Department Award - Jack Boom Receives for Outstanding MIP Participation Yes
9 Jan75 Departments Receive Bond Awards - For 60% Participation No
8 Dec68 Design Review Meeting - United Air Lines on ATE Yes
12 Feb72 Design Team For New Avionics Products - Low Profile Line Yes
5 Dec74 Din Meter Appointed to JON Editorial Board - Journal of Navigation No
2 Jul71 Directors Approve Terms of Investment By NR Collins Yes
6 Jul68 Disadvantages Youths Given Summer Employment Opportunities at Collins No
7 Mar71 Disc File CRT Data Terminal In Product Line - C-System No
11 Sep72 Disc Program Review - In Cedar Rapids Yes
3 Jul64 Discussing Apollo Equipment - Astronaut Charles (Pete) Conrad Yes
15 Jan73 Discussing Marketing Strategy - CR Marketing Meeting Yes
1 Apr74 Display Unit Test - NCS-31 Display Unit Yes
8 Feb72 Distinguished Guest Examines 651S-1 - Pieter Van Vollenhoven of Netherlands Yes
1 Sep64 Divisions Exchange Cost Reduction Ideas Yes
3 Dec67 DOD Commends Collins for Excellence In Carrying Out Security Obligations Yes
7 Jul69 Dr. Gene Marner Honored By I.O.N. for Contributions To Advancement of Navigation No
6 Aug68 Dr. Marner Honored by Institute of Navigation No
4 Jun69 Drafting Instructors Yes
4 Jul69 Drive Defensively… It could Save Your Life - Sign Yes
6 Aug68 Driver Courtesy Is a Personal Responsibility Yes
14 May72 Dunn Appointed Newport Beach Group Executive - Robert S. Yes
15 Sep72 Durantn, Rathjen, Brega Appointed At Newport Beach - Donald G. Durant, Keith R. Rathjen & L. B. Brega Yes
— E —
13 Jan73 E-2C Quality Review - By U.S. Navy & Grumman Yes
5 Sep72 Early Collins Transmitter - On 1934 Goodyear Airship Yes
1 Apr66 Efforts of Collins Employees In Apollo Test Acknowledged No
4 Sep64 Electronic Technician Training Program Set in Richardson Area No
7 Jul67 Electronics Post 11 Installs Officers at Banquet - Cedar Rapids Yes
3 Apr66 Elliott Discusses Status Trens In Thin Films No
16 Jan73 Employee Is Recipient Of Friends' Generosity - To Cliff Haynes Who Has Cancer No
2 Mar75 Employee Questions Answered No
5 Dec74 Employees' Children Benefit from Foreign Living - Ten From Cedar Rapids No
9 May72 Employees May Purchase Company Stock Through Payroll Deduction No
17 Mar71 Employees Recreation Activities Calendar No
17 Jul71 Employees Recreation Activities Calendar No
13 Oct71 Employees Recreation Activities Calendar No
13 Nov71 Employees Recreation Activities Calendar No
13 Dec71 Employees Recreation Activities Calendar No
3 May75 Enjoy Iowa Festivals This Summer Yes
17 Aug73 Equal Opportunity - By Robert C. Wilson Yes
1 Sep64 Equipment Delivered by Collins For Use in Project Leapfrog No
3 Oct67 Errorless Performance - Mrs. Carol Jackson, 17 Consecutive weeks without an error Yes
3 Jan68 Establish Certification Record - Lockheed JetStar Yes
2 Aug67 European Cities Will Have Faster Airline Reservation System - TE-216 Yes
6 Sep68 European Educators Tour Dallas Facilities No
6 May67 Exceed Goals - Dallas Industrial Engineers Meet Goals Yes
1 Apr66 Expanded Clean Room - Main Plant Cedar Rapids Yes
3 Jul64 Explorers Project - Communication Explorer Yes
3 Jul69 Eye Check - Newport Beach Employees Get Eye Check Yes
5 Sep68 Eyes Protected - Donald Seeman & Ronald Bennent Yes
— F —
5 Sep72 F-4 Aircraft Navigation System in Production - $1,521,240 Contracts No
4 Sep64 FAA Awards Contract to Collins for Transmitters No
4 Sep68 Fair Share Giving Is Goal of 1968-69 United Fund Campaign Yes
3 Oct67 Fairchild Hiller Selects Collins to Provide Complete Systems Engineering, Equipment for New F-228 Yes
6 May67 Far From Home - Franco Ralfaele of Rome Italy Yes
6 Sep68 Farewell Luncheon - For C.M. Chuck Lowder Yes
2 Feb69 FCC Revises Rules for Operating Amateur Equipment to Encourage Upgrading of Licenses No
10 Mar71 FCS-105 Lightweight Flight Control System - FAA Certification Under Way Yes
4 Jul71 FDS-112A - New flight Director System For Wide Range of Aircraft Yes
6 Jun69 Featured Speaker - John C. Culver at MIP Luncheon Yes
3 Feb69 Fellow Award - IEEE To A.H. Wulfsburg Yes
4 Dec74 Fifteen-Year Pins Presented - Collins Canada Yes
14 Dec71 Fire Prevention Can Help Assure Safe Holiday No
4 Jul64 First 30 Year Pin In Dallas - Donald W. Holmes Yes
15 Jan73 First Equipment Shipped for Burlington Northern System - Microwave Equipment No
2 Sep64 First Fall Meeting of Wives Club Scheduled - Dallas No
7 Apr74 First HF System Delivered to Royal Netherlands Army - 718U-2B Yes
13 Nov73 First Meeting Of The Restructured Collins Canadian Board Held Yes
14 Jan73 First Production Model of Collins CA-701 Coaxial Cable System Tested, Delivered - CA-701 Yes
14 Dec71 First Quarter Results Reported at Annual Meeting - Net Loss of $8.8 Million Yes
3 Sep64 First Slogan Contest Winner in Zero Defects Program Selected Yes
4 May67 First Visit - Maj. Gen. Francis C. Gideon Yes
18 Mar71 Five Receive Certificates As Quality Engineers - ASQC-Certified No
8 Oct67 Flight Director Computers To Be Installed on Phantoms - CPU-82/A Yes
4 Apr75 Flight Operations Yes
8 Sep67 Floyd Robinson Speaks At MARS Conference No
7 Aug67 For Advancing Safety of Flight - ATA to FAA Yes
5 May75 For Your Information - Collins Provides Financial Sponsorship to Sports Teams No
2 Apr66 Four Dallas Employees Attend Subcontractor Bidders Conference No
7 Jun75 Fourteen More Collins Employees Receive Patents in Early 1975 No
6 May67 Freedom Shares Offered No
5 Nov73 French Business Jet to Feature Full Collins Avionics Package - Aerospatiale Corvette Yes
7 Dec67 Future Scientists - High School Students Visit Collins Yes
— G —
3 Jul67 Gene Marner Elected President of Institute Of Navigation Group No
5 Jun69 General Foster AFCEA Speaker- in Dallas Yes
3 Aug68 Giant C-5A Makes First Flight With Collins Equipment Aboard Yes
4 Jul69 Goal of New Boating Club Is to Promote Safety For Employees, Family No
10 Feb72 Good Cedar Rapids Safety Record in 1971 - 2,042,920 Hours, No Disabling Injuries Yes
4 Apr66 Good Housekeeping Practices Important No
7 Sep68 Good Ol' School Days Never Stop - Collins Support Training Yes
4 Feb72 Gordon Gray Appointed Alaska Office Manager No
13 Nov73 Government Marketing Meeting Held in Washington D.C. Yes
5 Aug68 Guest Speaker - John H. Boyle at Dallas AFCEA Yes
12 Jun75 Gun Club Provides Recreation, Instruction Yes
— H —
8 May72 Hanson Named President of Collins Canada Yes
12 Jan75 Happy New Year 1975 Yes
2 Apr75 Hargrave's Heavies Win First Place in Marion Y Tourney - YMCA Basketball No
9 Nov73 Harold D. Hanson to Head Collins Radio Co. Operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa Yes
9 Jun75 Hauter Receives Volare Award - Andy Hauter Yes
23 Aug73 Heart Screening Program Conduced At Newport Beach No
10 Sep72 Helicopter Flight Control Project Yes
6 Feb69 Helicopter To The Rescue - Lifts 400 lb Antenna to Seventh Floor Yes
15 Sep72 Help Available for Employees With A Drinking Problem No
19 Aug73 Hess Shares Knowledge of Oriental History With Variety of Audiences Yes
2 Jan68 High Speed Data Exhibit - TE-216 Yes
6 Apr68 Highest Amateur License Awarded To Six Employees - Amateur Extra Class No
7 Aug67 Highly Automated Airborne Communication Systems To Be Designed for Navy - TACAMO No
5 Sep72 Historic Airship -1934 Goodyear Yes
2 Sep67 Historic Transmitter - First Microwave Transmitter Yes
11 Mar75 History of Collins Yes
12 Nov74 Holiday Schedule No
5 Apr68 Housekeeping Audit - Purchasing Department Yes
5 Aug68 Housekeeping Committee - newly organized in Dallas Yes
4 Dec74 How to Use Those Cables This Winter No
6 Nov71 Huge Guppy Aircraft Equipped With Collins Com/Nav Systems Yes
7 Jul69 Human Relations Program - 100 Newport Beach Supervisors Take Part Yes
14 Apr71 Hybrid Thin-Film Microcircuits - A Teleproduction Service Yes
— I —
1 Sep64 ICS To Provide Data System for Tracking Network No
3 Jul64 ICS-Sponsored Explorer Post Holds Banquet Newport Beach No
3 Feb69 IEEE Officers - Ten Collins Employee Installed Yes
6 Sep68 IEEE To Explore Communications Impact On Today's Society No
7 Oct67 IEEE Visitors - to Totonto Facilities here about AN/PRC-66 Yes
2 Aug73 Improvement Continues in Third Quarter No
3 Jan75 In Case OF Severe Weather No
4 Aug68 In Dallas - Dallas Technical Information Center Yes
5 Oct67 In Thailand - TELECOM System Yes
4 Aug68 In Toronto - TIC Yes
2 Sep67 Increases Reported in Sales, Earnings; Whalen Elected to Board of Directors Yes
7 Sep72 Industry Urged To Meet Anti-Technology Issue Head On - By Robert C. Wilson No
19 Nov73 Information Available On Job Opportunities No
8 Jan68 Information Exchange - New Microcircuit Techniques Yes
2 Apr68 Information Theme Selected for Fifth Annual I. E. Seminar No
8 Oct67 Injun 5 Satellite Undergoing Shock, Vibration Tests Yes
8 Mar71 INS-60/61 Inertial Navigation Systems - Building Block Concept Utilized Yes
2 Nov71 INS-61B Inertial System Receives Certification Yes
4 Aug67 Inspecting New System - U.S. Army Electronics Command Yes
9 Aug73 Installation Nearing Completion on Financial Communications Network for Pershing Oil Yes
1 Jul64 Intensive Effort Behind Collins' Delivery of Apollo Communication, Checkout Equipment Yes
3 May67 Internal Audit Seminar Conducted - In Dallas No
4 Oct67 International Covers A Wide, Wide World - Building Sales On A Global Basis Yes
16 Aug73 International Service Company Formed as Collins Subsidiary - Headed by B. A. Harris Yes
4 May67 International Symposiums - Product Orientation Symposiums in CR & Dallas Yes
3 Jul64 International Visitors - Jamssen, Weidelt, & Porsh Yes
6 Oct71 Introduction of New MW-109E1, MW-609E1 Microwave Relay Systems Yes
2 Apr71 Iowa Evaluates C-System For Application In State Government Operation Yes
4 Apr66 Iowa Income Tax Withholding Rate A;so May Change No
7 Nov71 Iowa Police Radio System Study Yes
6 May67 Iowa Value Engineers Chapter Receives Award No
19 Nov73 Iranian Visitors - In Cedar Rapids Yes
7 Apr68 Is This Call Necessary? - Dallas Communication Theme Yes
10 May72 It Takes a Lot of Talent To Design, Build LHA Communication System Yes
6 Sep67 It Takes Experienced People To Put The 'Heart' in Radios Yes
— J —
11 May72 JA Groups Gain Business Experience - Junior Achievement, Cedar Rapids Yes
17 Mar71 Japanese Study Group Visits Dallas Facilities - Productivity Study No
3 Jul67 Jay Hinton Installed as President Of Industrial Engineers Group No
4 Jul69 Jaycee Honors Go To Richardson Club Yes
3 Jan68 JetStar Completes Cat, II Flight Tests With Collins Equipment Yes
9 Nov74 Jim Styres Elected President of Hybrid Users No
5 Aug68 Job Program - Collins Joined the National Alliance of Businessman's Job Program Yes
12 Nov74 John Burt Selected as Specialist of the Year - By DCASO Yes
9 Nov73 John C. McElroy Retires After 27 Years Yes
3 Jun69 John McElroy Receives Perdue's Distinguished Engineering Award Yes
7 Feb69 John Mitchell To Serve As Director, member of Executive Committee of SMU Foundation No
17 Mar71 Junior Achievement Visit - Cedar Rapids High School Students Yes
8 Jan68 Junior Achievers - Cedar Rapids Yes
— K —
19 Nov73 Katie Horsfall First Employee To Receive 40-Year Pin Yes
3 Jul67 Kenny, Fergus Speak at National Conventions - Share Design Automatic Workshop & Data Processing Management Association No
2 Jan75 Keypunchers Donate To Children's Home No
3 Mar75 Kim Wessels Receives U.S. Citizenship Yes
20 Sep72 Kind Words From Customers No
4 Apr74 Kirkwood Begins Courses Related to Testing Positions No
6 Apr75 Klinsky-Kress, Riehm-Nelson Capture Collins Wimbledon Honors Yes
3 Sep67 Korean U.S. Generals Express Appreciation - For Microwave Linkage No
— L —
3 Dec71 L-1011 Automatic Landing - What's It Like To Make an Automatic Landing? Yes
2 May67 Largest Class - Foreman Trainees Yes
8 Apr68 Lecture Recording - In Dallas Yes
1 Sep64 LEM Program Review Yes
2 Jul64 LEM Role Gives Company Fourth Spacecraft Communication Project Yes
5 Jun69 Leroy Hand Awarded Bronze Star, Purple Hearts for Vietnam Service Yes
4 Jul68 Light Touch Is Manufacturing Strong Arm - Manufacturing Pictures Yes
6 May67 Lightner, Danker Speak At Photographers Meeting No
14 May72 Lockheed Presentation - Receive L-1011 Models Yes
6 Jul68 Logging of Security Documentation Converted to Computer Operation No
2 Apr66 Lyle Meyer is Elected VP of American Society Of Insurance Management Yes
— M —
8 Aug73 M.F. Wilson Is Vice President Of Manufacturing Yes
8 Dec67 Machine Operator Emphasizes: Wear Safety Glasses Yes
5 Apr68 Magnetics Area - In Newport Beach Yes
11 Mar71 Major Contributions By Collins on Apollo 14 Flight No
3 Jul64 Major Medical Plan in Effect in Cedar Rapids No
3 Aug68 Making Equipment For A Galaxy - Lockheed C-5A Yes
8 Sep72 Malcolm Appointed Vice-President of Industrial Relations - Robert L. Yes
18 Nov73 Management Club Formed - First Meeting Scheduled November 28 No
3 Apr74 Management Club Schedules Next Meeting April 30 Yes
8 Aug68 Management Organization Established to Centralize Computer Development No
2 Sep64 Manpower Utilization - Process Yes
7 Sep67 Manufacturing Team Earns 'Flying High' Recognition for The Third Time in A Year Yes
8 Aug67 Marine Corps Awards Contract - $681,030 for AN/TRC-75 No
6 Jan68 Mariner Chairman of Governor's Science Advisory Committee - Dr. Gene No
11 Nov73 Maritime Award Presented To Rod Thorpe Yes
7 Oct67 MARS Member of the year - Alvin H. Groff Yes
2 Apr66 Marvin Kalb To Talk at CRTA Ladies Night No
6 Sep68 Math Teachers - Tour Cedar Rapids Facilities Yes
7 Aug68 Math Teachers To Tour Facilities In Cedar Rapids No
2 Sep68 Mauldin, Kuralt Scheduled to Speak At CRTA Meeting No
11 May75 May/June Collins Meetings No
7 Aug68 Medal Of Honor Winner - Captain William L. McGonagle Yes
7 Dec68 Meeting Emphasize Tragedy of Becoming Blind Needlessly - Al Victor on Safety Yes
20 Nov73 Meeting Planned for Youths Interested in Electronics No
2 Sep64 Membership Drive Underway for Collins Radio Technical Association Yes
9 May72 Memorial Day Observance No
2 Dec67 Mexican Broadcast Show - At Mexico City Yes
3 Dec68 Mexican Officials Receive C System Orientation Yes
4 Feb72 Mexican President - Visits Collins Booth in Mexico City Yes
6 Jul67 Mexican Visit - Ernesto Ramirez Yes
6 Jul68 Mexican Visitors - Newport Beach Manufacturing Facilities Yes
1 Sep72 Miami ATE Station Provides Support For Airlines on L-1011 AFCS Units Yes
9 Mar75 Micro Line - Collins Introduces New Line April 1 Yes
16 Dec71 Microwave Board Assembly - Dallas Assembly Operators Yes
2 May67 Microwave Customer - Burlington & Quincy Railroad Yes
13 Sep72 Microwave Group's Efforts Result in Cost Reduction Yes
3 May67 Microwave Radio System - For Brazil, Central Electric de Furnas S.A. No
5 Mar71 Microwave System for Penn Educational TV Yes
15 Jul71 Microwave Systems To Be Displayed at Cable TV Meeting - In Washington D.C. No
4 May72 Microwave Testing Yes
2 Dec67 Military Tax Exempt - Iowa, Property Tax Relief No
6 Aug67 Minuteman Flag Award - U.S. Treasury Award to Newport Beach Yes
24 Aug73 MIO Awards Presented at Dallas Yes
2 Apr66 MIP Activity Yields Significant Results - $850,000 Savings in Cedar Rapids Yes
15 Dec71 MIP Projects of 2 Results in Savings of $182,756 - Cedar Rapids Yes
8 May67 MIP/PDQ Cost Savings Cited Yes
2 Jul64 Mobile Amateur Display Now in Use: Yes
2 May67 Mobile Units Used to Help Curb Crime - Community Radio Watch No
8 Jul67 Modem Demonstration - to Anelex Corporation Yes
2 Sep67 Modern Aspects Of Engineering Design Is IEEE Theme - At annual CR Fall Conference No
3 Jul68 Modern Communication - Are We Ready? - Presented At AFCEA Convention Yes
5 Apr68 Modular Offices - In Building 108 Yes
22 Aug73 More Cedar Rapids Employees Sign Up for U.S. Savings Bonds - 57% No
13 Jan73 More Than 111,000 Assembly Operations Without an error - Sue Clark on SRC-23 Yes
12 Jul71 MOS/LSI Standard Product Line Yes
7 Feb72 MR-150, MR-1000, NR-2000: New Maritime Communication Systems Yes
12 Mar71 MR-201 VHF-FM Maritime Transceiver - Demonstrates Superior Performance Yes
2 May72 MRC-108 Production Contracts Received - U.S. Air Force No
10 Mar75 Ms. Metric to Increase Metric Awareness - Cartoon Yes
14 Mar71 Multilayer Circuit Boards - One of 3 Major Teleproduction Services Yes
8 Oct71 MX-108 - New Voice/Data Carrier Equipment Yes
4 Dec71 MX-22D Frequency Selective Communication System Yes
— N —
8 Jan73 Nation Should Identify, Help Individuals Who Can Make Greatest Contributions: Wilson No
3 May75 National Merit Rockwell International Scholarship Awarded - David A. Sunday Yes
8 Jul68 Naval Reserve School Geared for Collins-Type Employees in Dallas Yes
2 Jul64 Navy Contract Received for CNI Systems No
6 Aug67 Navy Orders Modification Kits - for AN/PRC-41 No
3 May72 Navy Selects AN/ARC-159 for LAMPS Program - New Compact Airborne Voice Transceiver Yes
10 Jan73 Navy TACSATCOM System Delivered Yes
1 Apr74 NCS-31 Production - In Assembly Yes
1 Apr66 Nearly $12,999 in Cash Awards Presented for Employee Ideas No
5 May72 Neblett Fills New Post as Director of Development - C.D. Nebett Yes
22 Aug73 Need Information? Collins TICs Can Help Find it - Technical Information centers Yes
9 Sep72 Networks To Use Collins Systems - Oklahoma Higher Education Televised Instruction System No
23 Aug73 New Aircraft To Be Used in Demonstrations - Beechcraft Duke Yes
2 Jul67 New Antenna - Portable HF Skywave Antenna Yes
4 Feb69 New Assembly Techniques in Newport Beach Expected to Increase Production, Reduce Cost Yes
4 Aug67 New Attitude Indicator - 339H-2 Yes
4 Mar75 New Badges to Carry Health Information Yes
5 Aug73 New Broadcast Division Formed Yes
2 Apr68 New Broadcast Equipment Unveiled at NAB Convention - In Chicago No
3 Jul71 New Business Aviation Line Expanded - New Low-Profile Systems By Collins Yes
5 Jun69 New Centrex Telephone System To Be Placed in Operation July 12 - Cedar Rapids Yes
4 May67 New Charter - Communications Explorer Post 340 Yes
10 Sep72 New Cockpit Configuration - For V/Stol Yes
5 Aug73 New Collins IC-10 Broadcast Console Yes
4 Apr71 New Collins Modem, TE-236 - Advanced Design, High Reliability Modem Yes
3 Feb69 New Comm System - AN/TSC-60 HF Comm for Air Force Yes
2 Jan68 New Company Film Available For Use at Group Meetings - Collins Today No
7 Aug67 New Conveyor Keeps Heavy Shelters Rolling - Dallas Building 406 Yes
4 Aug67 New Conveyor System - Dallas Microwave Manufacturing Yes
7 Oct67 New Decor - In MBA Cafeteria in Cedar Rapids Yes
2 Dec68 New Distributor Appointed - Northwest Avionics Company No
8 Jan68 New Drill Press - Numerically Controlled Yes
4 Jun69 New Family of High Frequency Transceivers Introduced; First System Delivered in May - 718U Family Yes
2 Aug68 New Filter Performs Complex Function of Frequency Selection - MFX No
16 May72 New Flight Director - FD-112C Yes
8 Oct67 New Government Fiels Office - In Newport Beach No
3 May67 New HueyCobra Yes
1 Apr66 New Idea - $800 To Wayne Baty for use of punch cards instead of forms Yes
8 Oct74 New Identification Program to Begin at Collins No
3 Jun69 New Lightweight UHF Transceiver Evaluated by U.S. Army - UHF-701 No
4 May67 New Look - Cafeteria in Building 401 in Dallas Yes
8 Aug73 New Low Profile Systems - Shown at Reading Air Show Yes
4 Apr66 New Mechanical Filter Introduced at Collins New York Meeting Yes
3 Sep67 New Microwave System Dedicated To Serve The Republic of Korea Yes
6 Feb69 New Navy MARS Station - At Naval Electronics System Command Yes
7 May67 New Office Opened - Sierra Vista, Ariz. No
8 Sep67 New Package Saves $12,000 A Year - Polystyrene Container Yes
12 Jan73 New Safety Record - 1000 days without lost time accident - Day Shift Yes
12 Jan73 New Safety Record - 1000 days without lost time accident - Night Shift Yes
3 Apr68 New Seattle Facility - Sales Office & Modification and Repair Center Yes
14 Aug73 New Subsidiary Formed; Collins Radio of Japan Yes
2 Jul68 New Surtax Rates Become Effective On July 19 Payroll No
9 Sep72 New System Introduced - ILAS Yes
2 Oct67 New Systems Make Debut At General Aviation Show - NBAA No
12 Nov71 New Systems on Display at U.S., Canadian Trade Shows Yes
6 Dec71 New Systems Shown at USITA - Microwave & Data Systems Yes
5 Jul71 New Systems To Be Displayed at NBAA - FDA-112A & VIR-30 No
6 May75 New Tax-Withholding Rates in Effect - Fed Income Tax No
2 Aug67 New Tool - Deposits Silicone carbide on Tool Cutting Edge Yes
6 Jul67 New Training Program Will Enable Buyers to Keep Pace With Change Yes
8 Jul69 New Transponder - 621A-6 At Inspection Station Yes
3 Jul64 New Trophy Provided for Golf Tournaments No
4 Apr66 New Withholding Rates for Federal Income Taxes Go Into Effect May 1 No
14 Sep72 New Year's Resolution - By Robert C. Wilson Yes
6 Apr68 New York Offices Yes
9 Jan73 Newport Beach Beginning First Deliveries of TADIL B Data Terminals for Marine Corps Yes
14 Nov71 Newport Beach Picnic Yes
13 Oct71 Newport Beach Picnic Planned October 10 No
7 Apr68 Newport Beach Switchboard Yes
8 Nov73 Newport Beach Wins Contract to Build New Modem From Existing Product - TE-233C No
18 Mar71 Newport Labor Agreement - IBEW & Collins Agree Yes
19 Jul71 Newport Post 340 Members Use Computer To Help Coordinate Explorer Olympic Games Yes
6 Apr68 No Picnic - Moving 237B-3 Antenna No Picnic Yes
2 Dec67 Northern Pacific To Add Another Microwave Link No
15 Aug73 Norway Bank Group Orders data Systems - C-8500 Systems Yes
12 Jun75 Notice - Collins Credit Union Moves No
3 Dec74 Nurse Now Stationed at Main Plant - Building 137 No
5 Sep72 Nyquist Retires After 31 Years With Collins Yes
2 Apr66 Nyquist to Receive Award For Outatanding Management No
— O —
6 Sep72 Ohio Educational Television Network Orders Collins Microwave System No
10 Jun75 Open House - Cedar Rapids Yes
3 Apr68 Open House Program Is Planned - Cedar Rapids & Anamosa No
6 Apr71 Operations Control System: New Tool for Process Control Yes
13 May72 Order-Getting, It's Everyone's Business - By Robert C. Wilson Yes
7 May75 Ouchles. Join the Payroll Savings Plan - U.S. Bond Advertisement Yes
3 Jul67 Out of 16,000 possible Errors, These Employees Didn't Make One Yes
7 Jul69 Outstanding Explorer - Post 340 in Newport Beach Yes
6 Jun69 Outstanding Performers - MIP Yes
3 Oct67 Ozark Is First Airline to Use Collins Automatic Pilot in Category II Tests No
1 Apr66 Ozark Orders Collins Systems For New FH-227 No
— P —
18 Mar71 P.O.W. Help Urged - Release From North Vietnam Yes
6 Sep72 P-3C Tests Conducted At Cedar Rapids - 973J-2 HF Antenna Yes
14 Aug73 Paris Air Show Activity - ANS-70, INS-61B, VHF, UHF, & HF Systems Yes
9 May75 Patent Filing Awards - Collins Canada: Yes
6 Jun69 PDQ Training Course - At Newport Beach Yes
5 Jun69 Peace Corps Workers Given Phone Patches Via TACSATCOM No
8 Oct67 People at Work - Aubrey Linne, Judy Roebuck, & Merrill Lund Yes
8 Dec68 People at Work - George Zemlicka, Ginger Perrone, & Roy DeGayner Yes
8 Jul68 People at Work - Irvin H. Gerks, Joyce Adair, & Frank Dellow Yes
8 Jul67 People at Work - John Fall, Clayt Lander, & Bill Peale Yes
8 Aug68 People at Work - Keith Windenburg & Jim Partridge Yes
8 Sep67 People at Work - Lea Munson, Bob Love, & Mary Hector Yes
8 Feb69 People at Work - Martin Furler, Lynne Sealy, & Pat O'Connor Yes
8 Jan68 People at Work - P. Kauffman, Una Mae March, Walter March, & Mirta Rosainz Yes
8 Apr68 People at Work - Paulette Clark, Paul W. Andersen, & Elizabeth Pan Yes
8 Aug67 People at Work - Rachel Mueller, Mrs., Carter, Virgil Garwood, & Rae Wisehart Yes
8 Sep68 People at Work - Roshan, Alice Campbell, & Ron Renfrow Yes
8 Dec67 People at Work - Vena Schmidt, Kathy Sheridan, Rosemarie Kowaski, G. Danzig, P. Bomberry, & M. Martin Yes
8 May67 People at Work at Collins - Frank Bukacek, Alice Hudson, Velma Marshall & Jim Powers Yes
7 Dec67 Perfect Unit - TE-216A-4D built with no errors, 12,000 Possible Yes
6 Jan75 Personnel - Cont from page 1 Yes
6 Jan75 Personnel Checklist No
10 Jan75 Phyllis Madlock Accepts Position With OSHA Yes
6 Sep67 Pilots 'Favorably Impressed' by SSB During Earhart Commemorative Flight Yes
6 Dec68 Planning Dance at Newport Beach No
16 Dec71 Plant Engineer Week in Dallas Yes
8 Nov71 Potential Great for MOS Services Yes
2 Apr75 Power Tools, Admiral Products Available at Discount No
13 May72 Practicing Safety Brings Results - 5 Department Without Accidents Yes
7 May67 Predicting Reliability of Equipment No
2 Sep64 Presentation Given by Birnbaum at Meeting of Air Force Group - Indirect Measurement Program No
1 Jul64 President Johnson Cites Collins' Effort in Plans for Progress - Equal Employment No
5 Apr68 Printing Department Yes
2 Apr68 Procedure Manual on Materials Handling Is Being Distributed No
6 Jan68 Process Control Classes Provide Instructor in New Techniques - Quality Control No
4 Nov74 Product Integrity Assures Quality For Collins Yes
3 Apr66 Production Facilities Expandrd For Broadcasting Equipment - In Dallas Yes
15 May72 Production Rate of ALT-50 Increased No
12 Jan73 PROFIT - Company's Future Depends Upon It - By Robert C. Wilson Yes
3 Aug73 Program Office for Industrial Products Established at Newport Beach Yes
2 Jan73 Promotions, Appointments Announced - D.J. Ruggles, D.W, Day, D.J, Vockey, L.E. Shariff, & J.L. Churchill Yes
5 May67 Providing Long-Range Communication - Collins Cedar Rapids Control Center Yes
4 Mar75 Pulse Spotlight - Betsy Patterson, Toronto Representative in Cedar Rapids Yes
5 Jan75 Pulse Spotlight - Ted Smyth's Model Shop Yes
4 Dec67 Purchasing Division Yes
1 Apr74 Push-Button Test - NCS-31 Being Tested Yes
— Q —
4 Aug67 Quality Approval - Canadian Quality System Approval Certificate Yes
5 Apr68 Quality Control - In Toronto Yes
7 Jul68 Quarterly Earnings Reach $3.3 Million, Sales $110 Million No
— R —
16 Nov73 R.C. Wilson Receives 'Coach of the Year Award at Annual Management Meeting Yes
1 Sep64 RADIC Intercom To Be Installed At Space Center No
2 Apr68 Radio Sextants To Provide Navy Ships Navigation Information Yes
7 Dec71 Radio Station KOAX-FM, Dallas - Superior Performance, Reliability Yes
12 Dec71 Rapid Response on Korean Microwave Requirement Yes
6 Feb72 Raymond J. Fills Board Position Vacated By Arthur A. Collins No
4 Jul64 Receives 30 Year Pins - R.F. Haglund Yes
3 Jul64 Receives Associate Degree - Arthur W. Hollingshead No
3 May67 Record Is Set In Newport Beach Bond Campaign - 88% participation No
21 Aug73 Record Saving Suggestion Highlights Newport Beach M.I.P. Activities Yes
2 Dec68 Record Set for United Fund - In Newport Beach No
2 Apr66 Regular Dividend Declared - 12.5 Cents No
7 Sep67 Remember This Label - It Could Save You From Serious Injury - Chemical Labels Yes
4 Jul64 Report Progress On Echo II Work at Dallas No
6 May75 Rest easy, Take Stock in America - U.S. Bond Advertisement Yes
15 Nov71 Retirement Party - Robert F. Miller - 37 Years Yes
2 Nov74 Ribbon Cutting At Fast Thruput - New IPD Fast Thruput Shop Yes
4 Jun75 RNA Production 718U-2B Deliveries Completed Yes
2 Dec71 Robert C, Wilson Named President of Collins Radio Company Yes
1 Aug73 Rockwell International Authorizes Offer To Buy Collins Common Stock No
12 Nov74 Rockwell to Award Scholarships - Up To 25 To Be Awarded No
14 Aug73 Ronald Montgomery Named President of Collins Canada Yes
23 Aug73 Ross Bell Receives Achievement Award OF Dallas I.E.E.E. - Ross L. Bell No
— S —
5 Sep72 S-3A Communications Units in Production - $2,147,000 Contracts No
14 Jan73 Sachau Seminar Director at Internal Auditors Meeting - William H. Sachau No
5 Aug68 Safe Driver Award - 5 Year Awarded to Sam Reid Yes
8 Aug67 Safe Driving Awards - 19 Collins Drivers drive 624,576 Miles With only 9 mishaps Yes
7 Jul68 Safety Achievement - 13 at Newport Beach receive Certificate Yes
7 Jul67 Safety Glasses Save Eyes - Dan Walker, Francine Bahsen, & Jack Wolfe Yes
7 Feb69 Safety Message of the Month - Bu Sixth Grafer, Robin Meyers Yes
3 Dec68 Sales $95 Million, Earnings $2.1 Mlllion In First Quarter Yes
14 Dec71 Sales Achievement - John Wilson, Aviation Sales Yes
2 Jan75 Santa Visits Collins Yes
5 May72 SAS Selects Collins Computer System Yes
2 Oct67 Sat/Com Tests To Be Conducted Over Atlantic - United Air Lines DC-8 No
3 Dec67 SATCOM Equipment - 50A-1TH Yes
5 Oct67 Satellite Station - Moree Earth Satellte Station in Australla Yes
3 Jan68 Satellite Station Visitors - At Collins Satellite Communication Station Near Moore, New South Wales Yes
6 Dec67 Satellite Tests - Lani Bird II Yes
6 Aug67 Saudi Arabian Airlines Buys DME for 720B Fanjets No
6 May67 Saving Bond Campaign To Begin May 22 in Dallas No
9 Jan75 Savings Bonds - The Key to Making Good Things Happen Yes
8 Apr75 Schedule of Events for April No
2 Dec74 Schedule of Events for December No
14 Mar75 Schedule of Events for March No
9 Jan75 Scheduled Collins Meetings For January No
4 Nov74 Scheduled Meetings For November No
3 Oct74 Scheduled Meetings for October No
2 May67 Science Scholarships Awarded to Seven Young Iowa Students No
6 Jan68 Self Protection - Self-Protection Equipment Worn On The Job Yes
12 Nov74 Seminar Avionics Meeting to be Held November 5-6 No
1 Apr66 Seminar Held at Newport Beach On Goals, Role of Manufacturing No
9 Feb72 Seminar Participants Examine Value Engineering Techniques Yes
7 Oct67 September Was Sight Savings Month - Darrel Aler & N.C. Burgemaster Yes
2 Apr66 Service Awards No
7 May67 Service Awards No
6 Jul67 Service Awards No
6 Aug67 Service Awards No
7 Sep67 Service Awards Yes
6 Oct67 Service Awards Yes
6 Dec67 Service Awards Yes
6 Jan68 Service Awards Yes
6 Apr68 Service Awards Yes
7 Jul68 Service Awards Yes
7 Aug68 Service Awards Yes
6 Sep68 Service Awards Yes
7 Dec68 Service Awards No
6 Feb69 Service Awards Yes
6 Jun69 Service Awards No
7 Jul69 Service Awards Yes
19 Mar71 Service Awards Yes
20 Jul71 Service Awards Yes
16 Oct71 Service Awards Yes
13 Nov71 Service Awards Yes
13 Dec71 Service Awards Yes
10 Feb72 Service Awards Yes
5 Dec74 Service Awards - Cedar Rapids & Toronto Yes
10 Jan75 Service Awards - Cedar Rapids & Toronto Yes
10 Mar75 Service Awards - Cedar Rapids & Toronto Yes
7 Apr75 Service Awards - Cedar Rapids & Toronto Yes
2 Jun75 Service Awards - Cedar Rapids & Toronto Yes
10 May75 Service Awards - Cedar Rapids & Toronto - GRF 15 Years Yes
6 Oct74 Service Awards - Cedar Rapids and Toronto Yes
2 Jan75 Service Awards - Collins To Use Rockwell Awards No
12 May72 Service Awards - Employees Recognized for Years of Service Yes
18 Sep72 Service Awards - Employees Recognized for Years of Service Yes
10 Jan73 Service Awards - Employees Recognized for Years of Service Yes
20 Aug73 Service Awards - Employees Recognized for Years of Service Yes
18 Nov73 Service Awards - Employees Recognized for Years of Service Yes
4 Apr74 Service Awards for Cedar Rapids Employees Yes
5 Nov74 Service Awards Given Yes
9 May75 Service Awards, Collins Canada Yes
3 Apr75 Services - An Easy, Fast Method of Information Retrieval Yes
6 Dec68 Shooting For The Moon - Apollo 8 Yes
3 Aug67 Short Hop - View of Antenna At Eglin Air Force Base Yes
5 Aug73 SIAC Visitors To Dallas Plant Yes
9 Jun75 Sign Up for Payroll Savings No
14 Mar75 Silverware Loss A Major Problem - Entire Silverware Stock Needs to be Replaced Every 3 Months No
19 Aug73 Simulator Demonstration - Flight Control; Demo to FAA Yes
11 Mar71 Six New MOS/LSU Arrays Available No
3 Aug73 Size Reduction In Commercial Modems - TE & TMX Modems Yes
14 May72 Skyline Students Tour Collins - 55 Dallas High School Yes
3 Jul64 Slogans Sought As Part of Zero Defects Program No
12 Jan75 Smile Collins! You're on CBS - Low Unemployment in Cedar Rapids Yes
19 Aug73 Smith Winner of SPD Special Design Contest - Kerry Smith No
12 Jan75 Social Security Base Now $14,100 No
6 May75 Social Security Earnings Report Is Free Service No
8 May72 Soviet Yak-40 Certified With Collins Avionics Yes
1 Apr66 Spacecraft 009 - Apollo 009 on Display Yes
5 Jan68 Speaking About Mod Colors, These Are Blue - Cordwood Blue Modules Yes
2 Jun69 Special Delivery - AN/TRC-157 to Quantico Yes
7 Jan68 Spectrograph Provides Quick Metal Analysis Yes
4 May75 Sports Yes
4 Sep67 Spotlight On Foreman Yes
10 Nov74 Spotlight on People: Don Thompson Yes
2 May75 SPP Update - Security Procedure Updates No
2 Oct67 Square Dance Club Formed - Harlan Harrison No
16 Jan73 Stock Issuers Earn Quality Performance Awards - IQM Program Yes
20 Mar71 Students Complete Special Computer Course - 13 CR Students Yes
5 Aug68 Study Computer Technology - Canadian Air Force Yes
5 Oct67 Subsidiaries, Dealers and Sales Offices Handle Customer Contacts No
6 May67 Substantial Savings Realized Through Purchasing Agreements No
2 Jul64 Suggestion Award Winners Yes
8 Jul67 Summer Employees - 120 employed Yes
5 Aug68 Summer Engineers - 90 Engineering and Co-Op students employed Yes
7 Dec67 Supplier Recognition - Quality Excellence Awards Yes
3 Dec74 Susie Wawro Wins State 600 Tourney No
15 May72 Swallowing a Big Capsule - Transport of ABCCC In C-130 Yes
5 Jan73 Swissair Is First Airline Using ANS-70 Yes
3 Jul64 Switching Center in Operation for Delta Air Lines Traffic No
12 Sep72 System Being Built for New DD-963 Ships - $14.2 Million From U.S. Navy No
4 Oct67 System Dedication - Microwave System in Korea Yes
— T —
9 Mar71 TACAMO Ground Support Equipment Supplied to Navy Yes
10 Nov73 TACAMO In Production - $7.5 Million Contract From NAVAIR Yes
12 Dec74 TACAN Proposal Submitted Nov. 26 Yes
8 Feb69 TACSATCOM Briefing Demonstration Held - in Cedar Rapids Yes
6 Jul69 TACSATCOM Demonstrated at AGCEA Convention Yes
2 Jan68 TACSATCOM Demonstration - To USAF Yes
8 Jun69 TACSATCOM Training - 127 Get Training in Cedar Rapids Yes
6 Jul68 Tactical Communication Centers To Be Built For U.S. Air Force No
10 Oct71 TAGER - Instructional TV Network Uses Collins Systems Yes
11 May75 Take Stock in America - U.S. Bond Advertisement Yes
16 Oct71 Taking A Busman's Holiday - Hazel Knott Instructor Yes
6 Jan68 Tape Recorders Help Supervisors Relay Messages No
13 Mar71 TE-236 Data Modem Introduced by Collins - 2400 bps Yes
4 Jul64 Teachers Study Techniques in Dallas Drafting Department Yes
3 May67 Technical Papers Presented AT Engineers Conference - Southwestern Institute of EEs No
7 Feb69 Technical Papers Presented By Five Collins Employees At Symposium on Reliability No
6 Jun69 Technical Training Seminar - At Newport Beach Yes
4 Jul67 Technicians Hands Help Materialize The Dreams, Theories of Engineers Yes
3 Feb69 Ted A Hunter Award - Received By Dave Hodgin Yes
6 Oct74 Tennis League to Begin October 1 No
9 Nov74 Tessie Carlisle Receives U.S. Citizenship Yes
3 Jul67 Test Pilots - U.S. Naval Test Pilot School Graduates Yes
20 Jul71 Testing Begins On Wisconsin Microwave Gear - Wisconsin Telephone Company Yes
6 Jul68 Testing New Receiver - 51RV-2B Yes
12 Nov73 Testing Now Underway On Collins Modem For AFSCS Yes
3 Jul64 Texas Credit Union Occupies New Building Near Dallas Facilities Yes
9 Jul71 The 1971 Paris Air Show Yes
7 Apr75 The Alternative to Traffic Headaches… Take A Bus No
8 Mar75 The New Small-Size, Small-Price Avionics for Light Twins and Singles - Sample Ad Yes
6 Nov74 The Path Of The Product Yes
7 May75 The Saver's Edge - U.S. Bond Advertisement Yes
11 May75 The Tornado Season No
8 Jun69 Think Safety - 1968 Accident Rate per 1,000,000 hours Yes
2 Jun69 Three Apollo 11 Astronauts Will Use Collins Equipment in Historic Lunar Mission No
12 Sep72 Three Collins Promotions Announced - C.I. Rice, G.W. Sullivan, & M.W. Caquelin Yes
2 Jul67 Three Contracts Received for CNI, Other Military Airborne Equipment No
4 Jun69 Three Engineers Attend Seminar - American Association of Industrial Engineers Yes
7 Dec67 Three Gifts - The United Funds of Newport Beach Yes
4 Jun69 Thunderbirds To Perform In Cedar Rapids July 6 - U.S. Air Force No
4 Aug68 TICs: Ready Source of Information - Collins Technical Information Centers Yes
7 Feb69 Time Saver - Video Tape Machine Replaces On Foot Tour Yes
5 Oct74 To The Finished Product Yes
4 Jun69 Top Contributors To I.E. Cost Reduction Yes
6 Jan68 Top Guns - First Place Winners At Dallas Gun Club Yes
2 Oct67 Top Salesman - Jim Littlejohn Yes
7 Apr68 Toronto Switchboard Yes
4 Dec74 Toronto to Manufacture AN/URC-80(v)3 - Collins Canada No
4 Jan68 Toys For Tots - Newport Beach Donates Toys Yes
6 Jul69 Training Class - Assembly Operators School in Dallas Yes
4 Dec67 Travel Service - Beverly J. Teague in Newport Beach Yes
1 May72 TriStar Certified For Category IIIA With Collins AFCS - L-1011 No
2 Jan68 TV Special To Feature Plaisted Polar Expedition No
7 Feb69 TWA Selects 618M-2B Transceivers for Use On Boeing 747 Superjets No
6 Apr75 Twelve Cedar Rapids Employees Awarded Patents in 1974 No
3 Apr66 Two Collins Engineers Are Co-authors of Story For Electronics Magizine - On Microelectronics Techniques No
1 Apr66 Two Contracts for Military Aviation Equipment Received - $8.8 Mil for AN/ARC-51 No
3 Apr66 Two Dallas Employees Win Award for Technical paper - Dale Mortland & Ben Willingham Yes
15 Nov71 Two Dallas Foreman Attain 200 Project Mark in MIP - submitted 200 Projects No
8 Sep68 Two New Members Elected To Collins Board of Directors - David Foster & Dr. T.L. Martin Yes
— U —
24 Aug73 U. of Illinois Engineering Alumni Elect Nyquist - John. D, Nyquist No
3 Apr68 U.S. Savings Bonds Queen To Help in Kick-Off Campaign - Dorie Damuth No
6 Jan68 UHF Communication Systems To Be Provided to Air Force - AN/ARC-109 No
2 Sep68 United Air Lines Selects Collins Computer-Controlled ATE System Yes
3 Nov74 United Find Campaign To Begin November 4 Yes
6 Oct67 United Fund Campaign Begins Next Monday - Cedar Rapids No
6 Apr74 United Fund Campaign Pledges Total $210,000 - In Cedar Rapids No
17 Nov73 United Fund Campaign Underway This Month - In Cedar Rapids No
5 Jan73 United Video Places Order for Collins No
4 Dec74 United Way Campaign Successful - Collins Canada No
11 Aug73 Use of ANS-70 for Search, Rescue Missions Demonstrated - To Coast Guard Yes
4 Sep64 Use Perforated Line in Tearing Off Paycheck No
8 Jul71 Used In AT&T Facility - Hybrid Transformer Yes
4 Dec68 Utilities Key People In Assembly Operations Yes
— V —
4 Dec67 Value Engineering - Meeting to simplify Yes
2 Sep68 Vigorous Marketing of Computer Services, Systems Is Planned No
6 Jul71 VIR-30 - Compact, Lightweight Navigation Receiver - Localizer, Glideslope, & Marker In One Yes
16 May72 Visit With The Senator - Robert C. Wilson Visit With Jack R. Miller Yes
7 Dec67 Visiting Marines View Collins Computer Operations Yes
3 Jul67 Visiting Pilots - Sinclair Oil & Time and Life Yes
21 Aug73 Visitor Recognition - Flags Flown for Foreign Visitors Yes
13 Oct71 Visitors From Japan Tours Dallas Facilities Yes
— W —
2 Dec68 W.C. Hubbard Is Elected Corporate Controller in Dallas No
8 Aug68 Walrath Elected Vice President No
4 Apr68 Want to Guess What The Pattern Is? - Company Photographer Takes Pictures Yes
9 Jan75 Warning - Lock Your Car Doors No
8 Aug67 Washington D.C. Office To Move: New York, Seattle Offices in New Locations No
6 Aug68 Watch Out For The Other Guy - Parking Lot Accidents Yes
6 Oct67 We Goofed - Last issue mixed up D. Weeks & L. Weber Pictures Yes
5 Sep68 Weather Radar System To Be Shown at NBAA - WP-103G No
5 Apr74 Weight Watchers Group Meeting No
4 Jan73 Western Air Lines Deflects INS-61B For Use on DC-10 No
8 Apr71 Western Electric Awards Contract For C-System No
5 Apr68 What The Outsider Sees - Avionics System Center in Addison Yes
4 May67 What's New - in Telephony, discussed at Dallas Pivot Club Yes
6 May75 Whitworth Receives Lipp Award - George Whitworth, Basketball Sportsmanship Award No
4 Sep68 Who Makes the Most Complete Line of Airline Avionics? - Collins Yes
10 Aug73 Wilson Honored For Achievement - Golden Plate Award Yes
8 Sep72 Wilson Reaffirms Company Policy on Equal Opportunity - Robert C. No
7 Sep72 Wilson Receives AGCEA Gold Medal - Robert C. Yes
4 Jul69 Wilson Tells ARRL Members Standardization Is Important Factor In Building Highly Reliable Amateur Equipment No
8 Jun75 Win A Bond Yes
8 Oct67 Wins Top Award - Collins Display Booth At International Electronis Conference, Canada Yes
7 Jul68 Wise Owl Membership - 25th Employee to Join Yes
4 Apr66 Women at Work at Collins - Clara Wescott, Ruth Kennedy, & Mary Ann Powell Yes
4 Jul64 Women at Work at Collins - Collie Struggs, Lola Krug, & Maude Bouskill Yes
4 Sep64 Women at Work at Collins - Lee Bartels & Esther Frombes Yes
8 Dec74 Women in Industry - Feet Planted Firmly in Two Different Worlds, At Home Yes
8 Dec74 Women in Industry - Feet Planted Firmly in Two Different Worlds, On The Job Yes
8 Oct74 Working Women to be Honored October 20 - 26 Yes
10 Apr71 WXR-80 Airborne Weather Radar System - A Pilot's Radar Yes
— X —
9 Oct71 X18 Family - All Solid-State Microwave Radio Family Yes
— Y —
4 Jan68 Young Scientist - JPL Describes Venus Exploration Program Yes
— Z —
6 Aug67 Zimmerman Selected To Attend Launching Of Apollo-Saturn 501 Yes
3 Jan75 Zuber To Assume Liaison Post - Dennis Zuber Yes
transcribed by: G. Fabian