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Collins Column, Employee Newsletter

The Collins Column was first published in early May 1943. The second issue quickly followed in late May 1943. They were only a few pages of typewritten text but filled with news and events at the Collins Plant. It's main audience was Collins employees on Military Leave of Absence and served to keep them connected with hometown and Collins. The front page stated "Published Every Now and Then for Collins Men and Women in the Service".

The United States had been at war for 18 months and work at the Collins factory was at a feverish pace. Big changes in the work force were underway as women moved into jobs previously held only by men. As expected, very little could be written about specific details of design and development or production output. These early Collins Columns contained a lot of "gossip", "Who's Where", Sports, Jokes, and Cartoons.

Beginning with the July 1943 issue, the Collins Column is noticeably matured along with a much increased audience. Color is used for the first time on slick magazine quality paper in the March 1945 issue. Black and White photographs appear in the December 1943 issue and finally on the front cover in March 1945.

The Collins Column abruptly ceased publication after the April 1947 issue - perhaps due to financial pressures as the company re-grouped following the end of WWII. Collins Radio actually operated at a loss in fiscal years 1947 and 1948.
issues collection
issue collection
One small mystery surrounds the publishing of the Collins Column. Up until December 1946, the issues were sequentially numbered 1 through 45. But then the January 1947 issue is labeled "Vol. III, No. 1" with no hint of what happened to Vol. I and II.

The Collins Column resumed publication again in August 1950 under the byline "Published on the first Friday of every month by Industrial Relations Division for employees of Collins Radio Co." This issue was entitled "WE" and labeled Vol. I, No.1. The name "WE" did not fare well and all subsequent issues reverted back to the name "Collins Column". The format was smaller - only 5 x 7.5 inches. Publication continued on a regular monthly basis until the last issue on Dec. 1957.

The Collins Column magazines on this web site were scanned, formatted, processed, and posted to the web site by a group of Rockwell Collins Retiree Volunteers in support of the Rockwell Collins Museum Club. The volunteers have created a searchable data base of every name that appears in all issues of the Collins Column - over 42,000 entries. You need only enter a first or last name (or both) and the data base will list all issues and page numbers where that name appears.

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The volunteers are currently working on supplying a searchable index for equipment type numbers and significant events. The following table lists a few of these historical events.
IssueHistorical Item
May 1943 #1In Memoriam - M. H. Collins (Arthur's father and Vice-President of Collins Radio Co.
Aug. 1945 #29"To Our People in Uniform" - Letter by Arthur Collins, Aug. 16, 1945
Aug. 1945 #29"Going Places" - Article by Arthur A. Collins
July 1951"Collins, Wayland Speak at Recognition Program"
Nov. 1951"Five Years in Review" - Company data 1947 - 1951
Oct. 1952Aerial View of Main Plant - Photograph
Oct. 1952Katherine Horsfall - 1st woman & 3rd person 20 years with company
May 1954Open House at Main Plant and Building 120 - floor plans of these buildings
Dec. 1955Main Plant 15 years old - Photo
Sep. 1956Collins Radio Canada 1st Anniversary
Oct. 1956The Collins Fleet - Aircraft & aerial photo of Collins at the Airport
Jan. 1957Story on Collins Anamosa Plant
Aug. 1957Construction of $4.3M new buildings in Cedar Rapids and Dallas
Dec. 1957History of Collins Logos